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What makes us so unique...

Where we are today 

Our workshop comprises a team of 23 technicians and journeymen with over 30 years worth of experience in the panel beating trade!

Whilst other competitors may boast a longer service period than ABS Panel Shop, what really gives us the leading advantage

s the immediate availability of the ABS Group resource framework in managing all vehicle repair types from light-weights and LDVs

to heavy-weight commercial and heavy haulage. Not only do we have a fully-verified structural repair program in place with mechanical bays, but a larger mechanical workshop at Air Brake Services (ABS) as well as our own COR/COF testing centre at ABS Testing Centre and a 24/7 vehicle recovery option for light-weight and heavy-weight vehicles.

All these business units work in favour of saving insurance companies and private clients the time sourcing these services and money

by way of cutting out those out-sourced mark-up fees that most auto body repairers charge for!

Our Vision...                   

To become an industry-first in proving turn-key repair solutions to vehicles of all types for as many manufacturer brands as possible, by saving insurance companies and their clients the inherent frustration of dealing with various repair specialists.

Mission Statement      
  • To execute all repair types to the very best of our ability

  • To efficiently manage all through-puts and deliver on time

  • To minimize all RFCs (return for completion) to an absolute zero percentage by double-checking QC inspections

  • To maintain an exceptionally high level of customer satisfaction by going the extra mile (courtesy vehicles and drop-offs)

  • To constantly improve our market share in the industry through transparency, spot-on workmanship and a friendly service team

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