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Time and care is taken to ensure alignment and overall aesthetic appeal. 

Our panel beaters are well trained qualified artisans with years of experience in the trade.

Industry-specific Repairs Approach

Administration Process


  • The quotation is prepared by first placing the vehicle on the hoist for a thorough inspection first.

  • On final acceptance of the quotation, the vehicle is authorised and booked in for repairs. Parts are confirmed and ordered.

  • A parts order is sent to Stores where the spares are followed-up on. All parts on back-order are communicated to the client.


  • The vehicle is then stripped and additional spares are authorised before advancing the vehicle to panel beating





  • The panel beating process involves the following;

- Chassis straightening

- Dent pulling

- Cutting and welding

- Grinding

- Panel beating

- Paintless dent repairs (including hail damage)

- Rust repairs



  • The Filing Bays involve filing down repair areas ready for paint preparation. Plastic welding on bumpers etc are also done at the filing bays


  • The paint shop comprises 4 Preparation bays as well as 4 dry orbital sanding bays.

- Here vehicles are sanded down before primer is applied and further sanding is done.

- Once the flatting process is complete, the vehicle is masked and prepared for spray painting.

- We have a professional Are-O-Cure spray booth and qualified spray painter ensuring a professional finish.

- The curing process is the final stage of the Paint Shop before advancing the vehicle to the Assembly bay.


  • Trained technicians complete the assembly of all repaired panels.

- A Quality Control inspection is conducted by the workshop manager.


  • We use only the best in polishing consumables and machines.

- Our trained polishers restore all repaired areas to showroom condition.


  • All vehicles are washed and vacuumed throughout.

- The final stage is the Delivery Bay ready for handover.

Repair Process                  
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